In Memoriam


Ron Curties

Ron Curties Passes – Ron Curties was born In Vancouver in 1930, Ron’s early cars were mostly domestic including a Model T Ford and a 1941 Ford. It all changed in the 1950s when he bought what is believed to be the first Austin Healey in Canada (well maybe BC). Ron soon joined the fledgling Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) and got involved in racing at the Abbotsford airport. Ron’s road racing career was set aside when he became the starter and flag marshal. Ron continued in his role as starter when the Westwood racing circuit opened in 1959. Ron was a life-long employee of the local telephone company and as such was the coordinator of the Westwood Communications Group doing an excellent job for many years. Curties served two terms as president of the SCCBC and his wife Tomie served as president of the Ladies division. Ron (with Tomie) became an expert ralliest competing successfully in the major rallies of the early days. In recent years, Ron was a life member of the SCCBC and served as the club historian.