Fred Welsh became involved in motorsport in the mid 1950s. He could be found at Fraser and Kingsway with his buddies, Bill Clark, Jim Hara, and Carl Tjorhom.

Fred joined the British Columbia Custom Car Association (BCCCA) and served on the executive and later as President. He is an honourary member of the BCCCA, and is currently a member of the British Columbia Hot Rod Association (BCHRA).

Over the years, Fred has owned various vehicles, including a 1936 Plymouth, 1950 Monarch, 1954 GMC truck, 1932 Ford roadster(s), 1941 Pontiac sedan 1963-1/2 Ford and, of course, a 1940 Ford sedan, known as The Treasure.

Fred drag raced The Treasure at Abbotsford airport, and later raced a Hemi for Johnston Motors at Mission

FRED WELSH - Inducted 2001

Pioneer - Hot Rod, Custom Car and Drag Racing

1940 Ford show car, The Treasure  (Doug Harder collection)

by Doug Harder, 2001, updated 2006

Fred Welsh, 2002


Together with his friends, Carl Tjorhom (1932 caddy powered Ford roadster) and Reg Brookshaw (Olds powered 1951 Merc), he often attended various car shows throughout BC and Alberta.  Fred also entered The Treasure in the Portland Roadster Show and won the Sweepstakes Award three

years running. In 1962 he won the sweepstakes award at the Worlds Fair car show in Seattle. The Treasure was also entered in the annual Pacific Motorama shows and won the majority of the paint and upholstery awards.

Fred was often willing to paint a friend’s show car or race car, including Reg’s candy green Merc, all of Carl Tjorhom’s vehicles (particularly his roadster, both his ‘40s), both Syndicate Scuderia dragsters, and Sylvia Braddick’s wheelstander, Ecstasy, just to name a few.

Fred currently spends his time building ‘32 Fords and repairing and finishing wood grain dashes. He has a Cobra kit car on the go that will be finished shortly. Fred says the “old times” were the best.